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Multi-Cuisine Restaurant in Dibrugargh

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August 16, 20177:40 am

Assam has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism, which is why it is no surprise that it attracts a lot of travellers from across the country and beyond. Many hotels has come up in the State over the past few years to keep up with the rising demand, and the latest addition is Hotel Rainbow Regis. Located in Dibrugarh, the woman behind this new hotel is Kalyani Tamuly.

The Vision

In 2015, Kalyani decided to turn her home into a hotel with the aim to provide travellers with cherished memories and unique experiences. Along with her trusted advisors and the help of her daughter, she personally supervised the project from start to finish. Her hard work have definitely paid off in the form of positive feedback from both locals and travellers. Hotel Rainbow Regis is also one of the few hotels in the Northeast to receive a subsidy under NEIIPP’07.

Fantasy and Luxury

The architecture of the building draws from the hotel name. ‘Rainbow’ represents the world of fantasy and ‘Regis’ literally translates to ‘of the king’. This is why the interiors of the hotel beautifully fuses elements of luxury and fantasy.

Conveniently located, the hotel also stands out for offering organic food, something that all health-conscious travellers will appreciate.


What to Expect?

The hotel has 12 fully furnished rooms. You can choose to stay in the deluxe (starting from Rs 3000) or executive rooms (starting from Rs 4000). If you feel like indulging yourself then you can even opt for a suite (starting from Rs 4900). All the rooms has all the latest amenities but what is really interesting is that each room is special; from towels to the beddings, every single item is particularly chosen for each room.

The hotel also has fully equipped meeting facilities and a conference hall. PYRAMISA is the on-site multi-cuisine fine dining restaurant. The menu offers Chinese, Indian and Tandoor dishes prepared by trained chefs. Guests can choose between a la carte and buffet. They are also planning to open a bar and lounge soon.

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Multi-Cuisine Restaurant in Dibrugargh
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