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The zeal to build a unique establishment was what Kalyani Tamuly had in her heart and mind when she set out to turn her home into a hotel in 2015. The reason was simple – to provide guests from all over the world with a memorable, luxurious stay that delivers the essence of Assam. Using her prior experience in the construction industry, M/s Rainbow registered as Class I (Contractor & Builder) under the proprietorship of Kalyani Tamuly who has completed contracts of various Public Sector Enterprises since years; she has slowly weaved the story of Rainbow Regis and today, stands as the Director to one of the most luxurious hotels in the North East. Registered under NEIIPP'07, this hotel aspires to act as an established player, bringing in prime up- market leisure clients, upper level executives and top government officials including tourists from all over the world. The style of the building and it’s beautiful decor is inspired by a blend of modern architectural techniques.